Saturday, December 8, 2012

Special Thanks to Teacher Upashnia

Special Thanks to Teacher Upashnia

I want to acknowledge a very special thanks to Teacher Upashnia. Her dedication to her students is unmatched and this week she has gone the extra mile to not only teach six classes a day to  her students but host two writer events ( An afternoon with Mr. OZ  &  Nantawan International School Writer’s Workshop Exhibit).

You are an inspiration to me as a teacher and a role model to your students. Your efforts are appreciated by all of us and we are so thankful for you and all you do. You are truly a great example of the kind of teacher every school wants and we are so happy you are in the NIS family.

Douglas Swartz
Lower School Director

Nantawan International School Writer’s Workshop Exhibit

Nantawan International School Writer’s Workshop Exhibit

The Writer’s Workshop held their exhibit at Siam Paragon on Saturday December 8, 2012. Hosted by Asia Books Thailand; the students read the stories they have written in the workshop as well as performed songs & poems.

Teacher Upashnia was the MC and helped her students tell their stories and explain the student’s creative interests that motivate them to explore writing.  The students were able to experience the joy of others listening to their own stories and the artful way they use English to create and captivate everyone’s imagination.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NIS Wins the 2012 Chinese Speech Contest

Congratulations to our students for winning the top 3 Awards for the 2012 Chinese Speech Contest sponsored by the Chinese Association of Thailand - Chong Hua.   First Place Winner - KwinthipChawangkijpaibull Grade 5;  Second Place Winner - CharinaGamban Grade 5;  Third Place Winner -  Jacky Payakmarerrng Grade 2.

冠军,五年级 : 林盈庭
亚军,五年级 : 周宝宝
季军,二年级 : 吴昊

ทางโรงเรียนขอแสดงความยินดีกับนักเรียนที่เข้าร่วมการประกวดกล่าวสุนทรพจน์(ภาคภาษาจีน) ในหัวข้องานอดิเรกที่ฉันชอบของสมาคมจงหัวประจำปี2555
ชนะเลิศอันดับที่1 เด็กหญิงกวินทิพย์เชวงกิจไพบูลย์
ชนะเลิศอันดับที่2    เด็กหญิงชารินากัมบัน
ชนะเลิศอันดับที่3    เด็กชายจักรีพยัคมะเริง

Thursday, September 6, 2012

NIS is first in Thailand with the Brianwave English Series

NIS is the first school in Thailand to purchase the Macmillan Brianwave series of interactive books. Brainwave is a unique blended learning solution, that offers an impressive range of multimedia components that turn  classrooms into digital learning environments.

NIS is using the Brainwave series in all our Grade 1-6 classrooms. The students, parents and teachers are all extremely excited by the new materials and the opportunity for the students to expand their learning, critical thinking and  creativity.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome to Our New School Blog!

Hi Everyone:

We are pleased to announce our new school blog. The NIS student council and writers workshop along with Faculty advisers will maintain the blog for the school.

From time to time, Ajaan Rob will include articles in the blog too!

Our first announcement will be:

 NIS International Day / Open House
Friday August 31, 2012

Everyone is invited!

NIS International Day
Schedule & Time Line

7:45 Homeroom Teacher & Students last check and prepare with a booth

8:00 Students assemble in the courtyard for the parade and then 8:10 Start Parade

8:30 Finish the parade and go to the Gym

8:45 Speech by Director (Aj. Rob, T. Conrado, T. Somsuk)

9:00 Homeroom Teacher check attendance students and give a passport to students fill in information on passport for tour guide in each country (Use NIS Passport to pass to all 9 countries. 
         (Booths) by each country will provide a stamp in the passport and students will need to get stamped from at least 9 countries (In each homeroom) from Lower & Middle School.

         Students can receive additional stamps from Kindergarten school section.

9:05     Host informs activity for the day and shows (T. Uphasna & T. Douglas & T. Nok)

9:10     “Small World” Song (All students sing)

9:15     International Fashion show

9:35     Grade 3 show

9:45     Grade 6 show

10:00   Thai Dance

10:10   Break 20 minutes

10.30   Student assembly in the Gym in preparation and go to each booth (Don’t forget Passport).

Inside passport there is a valuable token if the student likes a specific country, the student will give token to the favorite booth. 
The both with the most tokens at the end of the day will receive a prize from Teacher Somsuk. (Thai Director)

11:55   Lunch Time

01:00   Mr. & Ms. International Vote (Teachers Fashion show) by getting votes from students.

01:20   PE Game

02:20   International Quiz from each booth

03:00   Giving the prize

03:20   Event Closing Ceremony

03:30   Students return to homeroom

03:40   Students will go home

There will be NO homework Club or After School Program on this day.

Join our  International Day Celebration!

NIS International Day / Open House
Friday, August 31, 2012